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    Our health is very important.  Healthy Living & Healing Wellness is focused toward helping individuals and companies feel better, have more energy, and be more productive.  Whether you're one person looking for a solution for yourself, or an employer looking to add value to your organization, Healthy Living & Healing Wellness can help.

If you're an organization looking to begin a wellness program for your employees, the easiest place to start is Chair Massage. There are many health benefits to this  simple to implement program. First, Chair Massage is very good at reducing stress according to research.  It only requires about 10-15 minutes, and its very affordable.  After receiving this service, we can sit down and see other options make are best for your company.  Then, together, we can create a plan to implement. If it's working we keep it or tweak it. It's really that simple.

I have a team of massage therapists who will travel to you or your event for convenience.

 Give me a call today to discuss more at (909) 910-8200



To create a personalized strategy for employees and individuals which 

improves overall performance and enhances the quality of health

for themselves and their family.

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