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'For the active person that lives in you.'

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First of all, I feel privileged that you have taken the time to visit my site. My name is Nelson Brown and I am the owner of "Healthy Living & Healing Massage."

Healthy Living & Healing Massage is for the person who cares about their well being and who is willing to do what it takes to enhance the quality of their health.  It's for the active person who expects more out of themselves - No matter what age they are.

Healthy Living & Healing Massage clients are people who are busy, but pay attention to their diets and the amount of exercise required to stay healthy.  They are athletes at the high school level, college, and professional who want to be the best at their chosen sport.

They are the people who work out on a regular basis to stay fit but also participates in sports to continue to stay active.

They are business people, such as the successful attorney, doctor, or business owner who undertands that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind. They understand that massage helps them and is part of their maintenance regime, and not just some monthly treat.

They are the movers and shakers who don't have time to sit around in some spa and wait on their time to be seen.

And they are mothers who just want to relax after a long day or week.

Healthy Living & Healing Massage clients want a massage therapist who is familiar with muscles and how they work. They want their therapist to take the time to help their body heal and perform better.

My tagline says, "For the active person that lives in you." And that's exactly who I want for my client.  If that is you, then I can be your massage therapist because I really care about your healthy living and healing.


As a Certified Massage Therapist, I aim to assist my active clients in enhancing their lives, bodies, mind, and spirit through massage. I will help them reach and maintain their fullest physical, and emotional potential with caring hands, and professionalism at all times. 

Nelson Brown CMT #46246

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