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Onsite Chair Massage

Chair massage is by far the best and easiest way for your organization to begin a wellness program. For one, post a sign-up sheet that onsite chair massage is being offered and watch it fill up faster than any program your organization can offer. Even better, offer chair massage on a day where people take off early or call off, and experience a miracle where on chair massage day, absenteeism practically disappears.

Research confirms that massage has many benefits that companies are beginning to realize are valuable. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage increases productivity, reduces pain, improves mood, and increases energy. Studies have found that even a brief 15-minute chair massage once a week can reduce stress. All of which are beneficial. 

Every Massage Therapist that HLH Wellness partners with has been checked out and is certified. Chair massage doesn’t require a lot of space and set up is quick and easy. A 10-15 minute chair massage will do wonders.

To add even more value, aromatherapy is used during the session and is extremely therapeutic if your organization is in favor of it.  Wait and listen as your employees brag about this wonderful benefit. 

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