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Healthy Living & Healing provides the services that will help your organization begin a journey of health. It is my belief that the best place to start is with the simple. *Chair massage is a great place to begin because it doesn't require the client to do anything but show up! From there, a customized program can be created which benefits the organization includes:

Chronic Disease Group Facilitation

Group meeting led by healthcare professional where participants have an opportunity to engage in discussions to better understand and manage various diseases and afflictions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease,smoking. Length of meeting can be determined for best effectiveness. In addition to the group facilitation, a newsletter can be included with more information to increase knowledge.

Onsite/Virtual Health Coaching

Health coaches are individuals who specialize in guiding people to change negative behaviors by using motivational and communication skills.  Whatever the concern is, our highly trained coaches can help. They can work by phone, in person, or by another means you prefer. Healthy Living and Healing has coaches who will connect, listen, and encourage your people to adopt healthier habits.

Lifestyle Health Assessments

The Lifestyle Health Assessment (LHA)  is process of collecting and analyzing health related information from individuals. This instrument is used by employers to identify risk factors directly and indirectly related to the health of their employees. Your LHA can be tailored depending on the needs of the organization. It's also used as a guide to understanding what your employees need and want. 

Physical Activity Initiative

Often in a workplace, sedentary jobs make it difficult to engage in enough daily physical activity. Together, we create an enjoyable plan to establish more movement at the workplace while not distracting from their daily productivity. We can also create monthly contests with rewards and other incentives which inspire your people to want to participate more.

Nutrition Program and Meal Planning

One of the biggest problems faced as a nation is proper nutrition. Many people simply make bad choices when it comes to their nutrition. Our program can help your group to eat better and understand the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in their life. 

Stress Reduction Program

Stress can cause significant harm when not managed properly. Although you can't see it, stress has a way of throwing your body and mind out of balance. One of the simplest ways to combat stress is to use onsite chair massage. More detail can be provided on this easy to implement program. In addition to chair massage, we can create other strategies to help reduce stress within your organization.

Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking has declined significantly in the United States in the last few years, however, over 40 million people have no quit, and new smokers are emerging ever day.  Another 16 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking. Each year, the United States spends nearly $170 billion on medical care to treat smoking-related disease in adults. If your organization has people who desire to quit, we can help here as well. 

Medication Adherence

There are people who don't take their medication on schedule and don't realize the harm it does on their body. It may not seem like a huge problem, but when people don't understand their medication, it only adds to their health problems. Our available experts can help those people manage medication better so they don't have take time away from the office. 


Healthy Living & Healing has a team of experts which includes Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, and  Registered Dieticians. All of whom can help create the environment desired.

*Rates for Chair Massage are based on the number of clients, time frame, frequency, and number of massage therapist needed.








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