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The following services are described by situation and circumstances that you, the reader are experiencing.  You may order your massage type when scheduling by stating the number only.  I will know exactly what you want without you having to fully explain.  You may add a service to it for an additional fee.

Number 1:

I have worked so hard this week that I am sore, stressed, and in need of a massage that addresses my tight muscles throughout my entire body, but also allows me to feel relaxed and renewed afterwards.  I have one hour for this and it needs to be completed in my location.

Price - $100 for the hour.  $300 for the month entitles you to 4 one hour sessions. For buying 3 you get one free.

Number 2:

 The kids are driving me crazy.  I have so much going on that I just need to relax and unwind.  I need this tensioin in my body to disappear, if only for an hour.

Price - $100 / one hour (You probably just need service once a month. Twice a month would be better.  If you commit to twice a month, $160 is a great deal for me to come to you.)

 Number 3:

 I don't have an hour, but I've got tension, stress, and anxiety that I need to disappear.  I do have 30 minutes. ( A $20 travel fee will be added if more than 15 miles from my home.)

Price - $50.  A package can be offered.  We just need to discuss it.


 Number 4:

My husband/boyfriend really upset me.  I'm so frustrated with them that I don't know what to do!  I'm not going to do anything that I'll regret but I sure would love to feel good all over, if only for an hour or more.

Price - $100/ one hour  $150 / 90 minutes


Number 5:

I'm working out/exercising on a regular basis.  I may also be preparing for an event.  I need to be able to receive a massage that will address my needs and help to keep me fit.  I also don't have time to wait on a schedule and  I will pay a premium price to be able to have you come see me within a few hours of my call.

Price - $150/ one hour

Price is $100 for one hour if you can schedule something.  

For anyone who wishes to come to me at East Highland Chiropractic in Highland, or It's all about you day spa in Riverside, standard rates apply.

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