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Ideas For Having A Massage Therapist

Just a few ideas if a person wanted to have a massage therapist available.


Getting Married.  How about having a massage therapist for the entire bridal party.  All of the women could be given a gift certificate to receive a full one hour massage in the comfort of their home as a gift for being in the wedding.

Bachelorette Party - Ok, have a massage therapist available to give all the bridesmaids a 30 minute massage during the party.  A great way to celebrate.

Pool Party - I can bring my chair or my table to your pool party and provide a 10 minute chair massage or 30 minute table massage to all of the guests.

Sponsoring a blood drive - Great!  Invite all who donate blood to also receive a 10 minute chair massage when they are done giving blood.  A great way to reward the gift of giving.

Human Resource Directors - What a great way to promote health and wellness.  Once a month, bring in a massage therapist to provide 10 minute chair massages to the employees.  This is a great benefit to provide and employees love it.

Health Expo - Why not include a 10 minute chair massage to those who attend the expo.  They are looking for ways to be healthier.

Conference - Look, people at conferences are there to learn more but boy do they get tired of sitting for a long time.  Have a chair massage in the back of the room to give those in attendance a little relief without missing any of the conference or meeting.

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